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TED Talks

TED is a global phenomenon. Originally a conference bringing together people from Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED events now bring together the best thinkers in every walk of life and every part of the world and share their ideas. For free. Each TED Talk at Newtown Public School will start with an interesting TED video selection followed by a discussion chaired by a local expert. Talks run from 6 to 7.30pm now on MONDAY evenings at Newtown Public School.

NEXT: MONDAY 10 May 2010 "Open TED - Share YOUR Passion!"
featuring 5 minute talks from TED and from audience members
Warmup for Sydney's own TEDx event on May 22 at Carriageworks

Bookings not required. Entry free and all welcome.

LAST: MONDAY 8 March 2010 "Food for Thought"
featuring Jamie Oliver's TED Prize winning Food Revolution

PREVIOUSLY: 2.4.09 “Robots & Superhumans” 
featuring video from Hod Lipson 
"Building Self Aware Robots" ; 
and Rodney Brooks on "the Robot Invasion" 
chaired by Dr Michael Harries PhD Artificial Intelligence

4.6.09 “Who Makes the Games Our Children Play?” 
featuring video from Dr Brenda Laurel (Virtual Reality pioneer) "Making Games for Girls" ; 
David Perry (Enter the Matrix etc) "Game Design for the Future"
and Dr Patti Maes and Pranav Mistry (MIT Media Lab) "The Sixth Sense"
chaired by Dr Michael Harries PhD Artificial Intelligence
3.8.09 “SETI & Alien Intelligence” 
featuring video from Jill Tartar
chaired by Prof CSL Keay, retired astronomer

28.11.09 “Is Music Important?” featuring TED video from Sir Ken Robinson
chaired by Tanya Sparke & Melanie Oxley

30.11.09 “Creativity & Genius” 
featuring TED video from Elizabeth Gilbert
calendars by Maggie Stein on sale!

TED is about ideas worth spreading  www.ted.com
Technology, Entertainment and Design