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Thanks to all who attended the INFO meeting on Monday morning. I have great news about the Google Lunar XPrize Lego Moonbots comp and a note will be going home to all interested robot team members. Team training will be on Monday afternoons throughout most of Term 2, 3 and 4 - starting on May 17 from 3.15 to 4.30 with Moonbots and an inschool comp. We encourage more parents to be assistant coaches and team managers for each team that attends the external competitions.

We now have 6 robots and the updated educational software so we can all do lots of building, programming and testing! Each robot is very expensive and there are additional costs each year, so there is a contribution of $50 per term OR $110 for the year, to be paid to the school on signing up. We may also go on an excursion to Macquarie University to visit the big hydraulic robot built by the local First Robotics League team (14 to 19yr olds).

Meet MUP and MOV our Newtown Robotics Team entrants in the Robocup Junior NSW Championships.


MUP was built by Team Green (girls) and MOV was built by Team Blue (boys). All up 13 students in Yr 5 and 6 signed up for our first Robotics comp and we had 2 teams and some reserves.

MUP started best but was unlucky. However, Team Green clawed their way back up the ladder pinching the last spot in the quarterfinals and improving to 7th place overall. MOV failed to start initially but had a couple of second chances and cemented 3rd place in the rounds challenging Cranbrook! In the quarters however, the Team Blue over powered their program and were knocked out in 5th place. As we never expected to make the finals, we are all delighted and confident that our 2 teams will make a good showing in Nationals in 3 weeks time.

NPS Robotics will have a junior in school challenge to raise funds for the next competitions. And for us all to have a chance to play more with robots of course. We were also greatly inspired by Prof Rodney Brooks talk "Legends of Innovation" organised by NICTA at Australia Technology Park recently. Term 3 Robot Club Newsletter has more info on robocups and robot challenges. And after our Robotics workshops with Ben Newsome from Fizzics, everyone's inspired!

Also, visit NASAJPL for their school robotics challenge, or watch the Robocup challenge team from Carnegie Mellon (2008 winners).